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We have scoured the net and we have found what is probably the only betting club worth joining and that is The Total Betting Club.

The Total Betting Club

If you are looking for profitable betting systems, winning horse racing systems, superb football betting tips, horse racing laying systems, greyhound systems, roulette systems and so much more besides then you must try out this great betting club.

One great system 'The Old Three Four' has just recently made over +800 points profit in just 3 months! Guess what? You get access to this as well as everything else just for being a member!! Daily bets, previous day's results - everything is done for you.

The crazy thing is that the membership costs are set at £19.95 per month. For what you get access to, this is surely the greatest offer ever made!

All the previous newsletters, systems and horse racing threads are available to all members past, present and future. So when you sign up you can literally gain access to hundreds of separate downloads/systems/methods and all for just a small price per month.

The Total Betting Club

You can use either of the links here to jump straight to the club.

Have You Ever Tried Arbitrage Betting?

We have a great system to recommend to you.


Arbitrage Betting

This approach to gambling isn't really gambling at all as you are betting on all possible outcomes of an event! This might sound like madness as you would be guaranteed to make a loss if using one bookmaker's prices. However, if you can find the right prices at different bookmakers then you can make this work.

Click either the link or image to find out much more about this 'no loss' form of betting.

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We have managed to get permission from the author to give you 2 of our all-time favourite horse racing systems. One of these systems made over 1000 points from initial tests!!

Simply fill in your details below and click submit and we will send you your copy right away.

The first system 'The Awesome Price Finder Racing System' is a cracker. During its initial tests it made just over +1000 points profit and this was from just over a year's worth of testing. We have included the full results from that year plus a few extra months so you can get a true feel for how it works.

The second system 'The Holy Grail' is a little more sedate but again this showed some superb potential during early tests with winners up to 33/1 and a profit of more than 120 points from just 3 months.

Both systems can be used as seen or you can tinker with them and perhaps improve on the basic formulae. Either way we are sure that they will inspire you to look at horse racing in a new light.

TThis is a time limited offer. Two superb horse racing systems for FREE. We can only release a set number of copies before we have to pull the plug.

One of these systems is designed for both jumps and flat racing whereas the other is strictly for jumps racing. We think there is plenty to inspire even the most experienced horse race bettor. So sign up now and get the systems delivered to your inbox within minutes!


Feedback Comments:

"I am amazed that you are giving these away for free. Clearly a lot of time and effort went into producing these horse racing systems. Thank you so much." Steve




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